April 3-5 | San Jose, California
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Carrier and Cloud Developer (DevOps) [clear filter]
Wednesday, April 3

3:10pm PDT

From Open Source to Inner Source – How Open Source ONAP Has Changed Amdocs - Dr. Eyal Felstaine, Amdocs
It’s already been shown that open-source methodologies and development best practices work efficiently for big, complex projects. Less common is an inner source approach, when a company uses those methodologies and best practices internally to encourage/facilitate the ability of anyone (individuals or teams) companywide to contribute code to existing projects without compromising on quality and security. But what happens when a large-scale global organization like Amdocs, with 25,000+ employees worldwide decides to change its development culture from the traditional corporate hierarchy to an open (inner source) approach? Amdocs CTO Dr. Eyal Felstaine reveals how Amdocs leveraged its open source expertise to implement it within its own organization, explaining how the new roles work together, the processes involved, and how Amdocs is measuring the success of the new approach

avatar for Dr Eyal Felstaine

Dr Eyal Felstaine

CTO, Amdocs
As CTO at Amdocs – a 25,000 employee company providing software and services to the world’s leading communications and media businesses – Dr. Eyal Felstaine is responsible for planning and developing Amdocs’ technology vision and roadmap of the entire product portfolio. He... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 3:10pm - 3:40pm PDT

3:50pm PDT

Secrets of Successfully Implementing DevOps in a Network Service Provider Environment - Michael Paradise & Sunil Maloo, AT&T
DevOps has been the operating mantra for some time in many technology companies but implementing it at scale in an established network service provider environment has been a challenging experience. Breaking away from established norms and adopting a whole new approach has not been the easiest of journeys especially for companies with vertically aligned functions. This presentation will talk about the organizational & goal alignment, cultural changes, and technical challenges associated with the successful implementation of a DevOps within AT&T. Mike and Sunil will talk about the Network Cloud Infrastructure as a use case DevOps project in support of AT&T 5G enhanced packet core rollout. Completely changing established processes and procedures is not viable in a service provider network but adapting the same for new DevOps project has proved to be a successful recipe for success.


Sunil Maloo

AVP - Network Design and Orchestration Development, AT&T
Sunil Maloo leads the organization responsible for technical design and development for Data center Network Infrastructure, Network Orchestration and Advanced Network Services in the Network Infrastructure and Services group of AT&T Labs. Sunil is leading the SDN transformation of... Read More →

Michael Paradise

Vice President - Cloud Operations, AT&T
Michael Paradise is the Vice President-Network Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. He is a technical leader with 27 years’ experience in designing, integrating, implementing, and operating large scale enterprise and service provider networks. He has held numerous positions in network... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 3:50pm - 4:20pm PDT

4:30pm PDT

Panel Discussion: ONAP Adoption Strategy with MANO Components - Lingli Deng, China Mobile; David Lu, AT&T; Fernando (Fred) Oliveira, Verizon; and Phil Robb, The Linux Foundation
As an early survey reflects the fact that a considerable fraction of SP members who are evaluating ONAP adoption, are deploying ETSI NFV MANO solutions in the parallel. While ONAP provides a self-contained automation platform prototy, which partially overlaps with MANO in functionality but differs greatly in overal architecture and API specifications, for the future, the adoption strategy into an environment with deployed MANO solutions becomes a natural question for them. In this panel, we will share the findings for orchestration scenarios and derived requirements from those SPs, the internal/external community activities addressing identified gaps and adoption strategies considerations.

avatar for Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fellow, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, Verizon
Fernando (Fred) Oliveira is a Fellow in Verizon’s Network Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, currently working on Network Automation Architecture.Fred leads the ONAP Orchestration Scenarios/ETSI Alignment Task Force and participates in several ONAP sub-committees.Fred... Read More →
avatar for Phil Robb

Phil Robb

Vice President - Operations, Networking & Orchestration, Linux Foundation
Phil Robb’s experience spans more than 30 years of work on the leading edge of software and networking technology, beginning with the launch of the personal computer in the early 1980s. He began working with open source in 2001 at Hewlett Packard, where he formed and led the company’s... Read More →
avatar for David Lu

David Lu

Vice President, SDN Platform & Systems, AT&T
David Lu, Vice President, SDN Platform & Systems, is currently responsible for development and engineering of AT&T next generation ECOMP platform and open source ECOMP (ONAP) to enable AT&T network virtualization (SDN) and target OSS/BSS transformation including API, micro-services... Read More →
avatar for Lingli Deng

Lingli Deng

Technical Manager, China Mobile
Lingli obtained her Doctorate in Computer Application Technology from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and joined China Mobile in 2009. She is a core member of the Novonet project which drives SDN/NFV strategy for China Mobile, and has been working on evaluation... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 4:30pm - 5:00pm PDT

5:10pm PDT

Panel Discussion: Creating a Common Telco NFVi - Mark Cottrell, AT&T; Beth Cohen, Verizon; Qiao Fu, China Mobile; Heather Kirksey, The Linux Foundation & Moderated by Amy Wheelus
As we move from specialized network appliances and vendor lock-in to virtualized network functions and open source software, service providers have to pay attention to NFV infrastructure to avoid a repeat of some of the very challenges we’d thought we’d left behind. The hardware and software platforms powering this new generation of virtualized capabilities are just as important as the functions themselves. And if the industry can’t agree on common NFVi standards, we’ll end up right back in the splintered, closed, expensive and non-interoperable mishmash of solutions we had before. This presentation will provide a guide for how the industry needs to address, develop and implement NFVi standards and best practices. We will propose a framework for addressing this urgent issue to ensure that these new software-defined networks don’t get slowed down by the same old problems.

avatar for Heather Kirksey

Heather Kirksey

VP, Community & Ecosystem Development, The Linux Foundation
Heather Kirksey works with the community to advance the adoption and implementation of open source NFV platforms. Before joining The Linux Foundation, she led strategic technology alliances for MongoDB. Earlier in her career she held various leadership positions in the telecom industry... Read More →

Fu Qiao

Project Manager, China Mobile
Qiao Fu is a project manager at China Mobile Research Institute, working on research of network technology. Qiao Fu is responsible for the China Mobile National Experiment Network of NFV, and is also engaged in technical research of edge cloud, hardware acceleration and NFV system... Read More →
avatar for Beth Cohen

Beth Cohen

SDN Product Strategist, Verizon
Beth is an Advanced Networking Product Manager at Verizon, working on developing new SDN products and services. At Verizon, she has architected and developed several products, including Virtual Network Services, which has been driving many of the Open Source Edge projects. She is... Read More →
avatar for Mark Cottrell

Mark Cottrell

Assistant Vice President, AT&T Labs
Mark Cottrell leads several areas within AT&T Network Cloud, including Integrated System Test (IST), Production Validation Test (PVT), Operational Readiness Test (ORT), Penetration Test (Security), Tier 4 Production Support, Audit Compliance, and Security. For the overall SDN platform... Read More →
avatar for Amy Wheelus

Amy Wheelus

Vice President, Network Cloud, AT&T
Amy Wheelus leads AT&T’s Network Cloud platform architecture, development, design, planning and engineering, as well as the asset lifecycle management, tenant care, quality assurance and cloud security functions. Amy is a transformative leader and technologist who has held a variety... Read More →

Wednesday April 3, 2019 5:10pm - 5:40pm PDT
Thursday, April 4

11:10am PDT

ONAP From the Inside Looking Out (The Journey, Status, Challenges and Dublin Release Expectations) - Catherine Lefevre, AT&T & Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
ONAP completed its 3rd release, called Casablanca, last December finished the Casablanca release and. All efforts are now focussed on the Dublin release, which will be the 4th Dublin release targeted for early June 2019. ONAP is an open source automation platform for networks covering networks PNFs and VNFs connecting to many virtulization infrastructures. It is setting the industry expectations for an automation platform architecture and provides an opensource platform. This presentation will summarise the journey, status and upcoming challenges as well as what is expected to come with the Dublin release. We will also share our personal reflections on the journey and how the many parties are coming together in a collaborative manner.

avatar for Stephen Terrill

Stephen Terrill

Senior Expert, Ericsson
Stephen Terrill is a Senior Expert in Automation and Management with Ericsson and with his more than 25 years of working in telecommunications he has overseen several industry transitions. He has a background both in core networks and in management and has spent several years in telecommunication... Read More →
avatar for Catherine Lefevre

Catherine Lefevre

AVP Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration, AT&T
Catherine Lefèvre is an Associate Vice President in AT&T’s Network Cloud and SDN Platform Integration organization (AT&T Labs) and have worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. She joined AT&T in 2013 and is responsible for the software delivery and scaling... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:10am - 11:40am PDT

11:50am PDT

Lightning Talk: 5G Slicing Using ONAP - Andrew Fenner, Ericsson & Tom Anschutz, AT&T
A simple "slice" was deployed using a Beijing version of ONAP to a 4G network. This slice was instantiated and managed by ONAP. This talk presents the key findings from this POC which can be used to influence the future direction of ONAP and to trigger useful discussions.

avatar for Tom Anschutz

Tom Anschutz

Distinguished Member of Tech Staff, AT&T
Tom Anschutz is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at AT&T. In his role as a network architect, he is instrumental in the development of AT&T’s software-centric network, and in progressing the key technologies that support it - SDN and NFV.  He is the editor and chief contributor... Read More →

Andrew Fenner

Software Engineer, Ericsson
Working as a senior Software Engineer for Ericsson in various different roles over a period of 20 years. Mostly concentrating on O&M activities for many different network functions within the telecomunications network. Has worked in all different aspects of software development from... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 11:50am - 12:00pm PDT

12:00pm PDT

Lightning Talk: Are you Insured Against Your Noisy Neighbor? - Sunku Ranganath, Intel Corporation & Sridhar Rao, Spirent Corporation
Traditional NFVi high performant dataplane deployments rarely focus on availability & consumption of dark resources such as CPU Cache and Memory Bandwidth. Much of the Quality of Service fine tuning often leads to over-subscription ending up with shared resource contention often termed as noisy neighbor effects. We present the architecture, methodology and test scenarios using open source solutions - OPNFV-VSPERF Framework, Collectd monitoring solution, Stress-NG workload generator and Resource Management Daemon client for (a) analyzing the performance impact due to presence of noisy neighbors and (b) controlling resources like Last Level Cache (LLC) for consistent & deterministic performance & availability in the presence of noisy neighbors.


Sridhar Rao

Architect, Spirent Communications
Sridhar received his Ph.D degree in computer science from National University of Singapore, in 2007. Sridhar’s research interests are mainly in the domain of next-generation wired and wireless networking, and use of Machine-Learning in Networking. Sridhar is currently working as... Read More →

Sunku Ranganath

Cloud Networking | OPNFV TSC | Speaker | Tech Lead, OPNFV and Intel

Thursday April 4, 2019 12:00pm - 12:10pm PDT

12:10pm PDT

Lightning Talk: SDN Platforms OPEN API Integrator Adaptor(IA) - Sitharaman Trichy Ramasubramanian, IBM
The proposed Integrator Adaptor (IA) integrates individual components of SDN platforms like ONAP and ONOS. Components can be independently integrated across platforms, deployed as a model to work in tandem with the current OSS stacks by means of custom-built OPEN API IA. Current ONAP components like SDN-C, APPC are tightly coupled and cannot be used without AAI. Plug & integration across SDN platforms and lack of support to hook up legacy physical and SDN/NFV inventory systems are couple of other limitations. The proposed IA would adhere to Open Digital Architecture, API first design domain-driven design principles, create, consume API from blueprint catalog, define and manage API Mappings Examples: ONAP to OPEN API mapping, ONAP to OPEN API Data Model Mapping with import, export using simple to use UI, and VNF & PNF resource mappings as data dictionary.

avatar for Sitharaman Trichy Ramasubramanian

Sitharaman Trichy Ramasubramanian

Senior Delivery Manager, IBM
Sitharaman works at IBM's Global Business Consulting as Senior Delivery Manager for the past 23+ years. His primary focus is on IBM's larger deal of delivering cutting edge technical solutions to AT&T across OSS transformation program including Microservices transformation and Software... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 12:10pm - 12:20pm PDT

1:50pm PDT

Multivendor VNF Deployments with ONAP - Timo Perala & Vara Talari, Nokia
ONAP target is to be network and service automation and orchestration platform. To achieve the target it must be easy and straightforward deploy multivendor VNFs with ONAP. In this talk, we walk the audience through the necessary customization and troubleshooting needed for real life multivendor VNF deployments in current ONAP releases.

avatar for Vara Talari

Vara Talari

Head of Portfolio Management, Nokia
Vara is Head of Core Services and Care - Portfolio management, he is responsible for Core Services & Care - Portfolio, Strategy and Innovations. He is working to maintain and build new solutions for Nokia’s Core Services & Care - Portfolio in the field of Cloud Core, Data Center... Read More →
avatar for Timo Perala

Timo Perala

Head of Open Source Network and Service Automation, Nokia
Timo is responsible for driving Nokia’s overall engagement in ONAP. In this role Timo works across multiple industry organisations, both open source and standardization, engages with both customers and other industry players, as well as internally across all Nokia businesses.Timo... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 1:50pm - 2:20pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

BBS: Broadband Services Orchestration with ONAP - David Pérez Caparrós, Swisscom; Chaker Al-Hakim, Huawei & Tim Carey, Nokia
During this talk, you will learn about the outcomes of the BBS (Broadband Service) use case in ONAP Dublin release. BBS aims at enabling ONAP for the design, provisioning, life-cycle management and assurance of broadband services, such as multi-Gigabit Internet Connectivity services based on PON (Passive Optical Network) access technology. The use case covers new scenarios, such as nomadic ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and service subscription plan changes.

BBS use case shows the extensibility of the ONAP platform in supporting the orchestration of services across different locations (e.g., Central Office, Core) and technology domains (e.g., Access, Edge).

BBS is a joint collaboration between Swisscom, Nokia and Huawei and standards organizations, such as BBF (Broadband Forum).


Tim Carey

Lead Technology Strategist, Nokia
Tim is part of a team within Nokia Fixed Networks responsible for developing Nokia’s vision toward software defined access networks (SDAN) where he uses his 30+ years of information technology and telecommunications experience to engage in both standardization and open source activities... Read More →

Chaker Al-Hakim

Technical Executive Director, Huawei
Chaker Al-Hakim is a Technical Executive Director at Huawei Technologies, where he is responsible for supporting the orchestration strategy as it relates to Network Services and Network Virtual functions. In this role, Chaker works across many organizations and also supports many... Read More →
avatar for David Perez Caparros

David Perez Caparros

Lead Engineer, Swisscom
David is a Lead DevOps Engineer in the Operations and Network Engineering department at Swisscom, where he is engaged in the development of Swisscom's 5G service orchestration and slicing management systems, based on NFV, SDN, network automation and open source technologies. Prior... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 2:30pm - 3:00pm PDT

3:40pm PDT

From Community Assets to Service Provider Transformation - Cedric Ollivier & David Blaisonneau, Orange
Orange has contributed actively to several LFN projects (OPNFV, ODL, ONAP, ACUMOS, FRR) for several years and focused on integration and testing bringing new Service Provider related assets to the communities.

The lessons learned have been shared internally in order to help the company to accelerate its IT transformation and network automation journey.

The presentation will depict how the different frameworks such as xtesting or chained-ci have been efficiently reused internally to disseminate IT and Open Source culture within Orange.
It would also illustrate the original added-value for integration projects such as OPNFV to allow end to end network service testing, independently from the infrastructure domain.

avatar for Cédric Ollivier

Cédric Ollivier

Network Automation Expert, Orange
Cédric Ollivier is a network automation expert in Orange. He is involved in new network architectures around network programmability, global orchestration and network disaggregation.He also acts as a network automation evangelist within Orange and he is very involved in the network... Read More →
avatar for David Blaisonneau

David Blaisonneau

CI/CD senior officer, Orange
David Blaisoneeau is an Open Source evangelist involved in Orange internal and public projects. He contributed to several projects dealing with networking: OPNFV, OpenStack, ONAP. He is currently dealing with CI/CD for the different networking community projects for Orange. He is... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 3:40pm - 4:10pm PDT

4:20pm PDT

O-RAN & The Open Source Community - Hank Kafka & Oliver Spatscheck, AT&T & Don Fendrick, Nokia
O-RAN Open Source Community: Bringing 3GPP and LF Together - Hank Kafka, AT&T
The foundation of O-RAN Alliance has been one of the most influential events in telecom industry in 2018. O-RAN Alliance is aiming at building an “Open” and “Smart” Radio Access Network (RAN) for future wireless systems. From day one of its founding, it embraced open source as the most important way to achieve its vision. Under this background, the O-RAN Open Source Community is formed, as a joint collaboration between O-RAN Alliance and LF. It would the first time the LF attempts to touch the “heart” of mobile networks, i.e. Radio Access Networks.

Driving RAN Intelligent Control (RIC) with Akraino - Oliver Spatscheck, AT&T & Don Fendrick, Nokia
As O-RAN is defining a disaggregated RAN architecture to drive flexibility, speed and innovation into 5G RAN deployments it is critical that open implementations of this architecture are available to assure innovation as well as rapid adoption. To facilitate this open implementation Nokia and AT&T are co-creating a programmable RIC platform and matching Akraino Radio Edge Cloud (REC) blueprint based on the current O-RAN work. In this presentation Oliver and Don will explain the goals, architecture and status of the RIC as well as the matching Akraino radio edge cloud blueprint. The session will also highlight the opportunity a programmable RAN creates for edge application developers in getting customized services from 5G wireless networks.

avatar for Oliver Spatscheck

Oliver Spatscheck

Oliver Spatscheck received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 1999 at which point he joined AT&T Labs. He was named AT&T fellow in 2013 and is currently the Assistant Vice President for Cloud Strategy, Architecture and Innovation at AT&T with a focus on disaggregation in... Read More →
avatar for Hank Kafka

Hank Kafka

Vice President, Access Architecture and Standards, AT&T
As VP – Access Architecture and Standards at AT&T, Hank drives the transformation, virtualization, and convergence of AT&T’s advanced access technologies, including 5G, passive optical networks, and Project AirGig. Hank is also responsible for AT&T’s contributions to global... Read More →

Don Fendrick

CTO - Customer Operations, Nokia
Don Fendrick is the CTO in Customer Operations with Nokia. He is responsible for driving innovative and disruptive solutions that span Nokia’s mobile, fixed access, IP, optical, and software portfolios. Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent, he was Senior Architect in Level 3 Communications... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 4:20pm - 4:50pm PDT

5:00pm PDT

Verizon's Experience Using ONAP - Fernando (Fred) Oliveira & Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya, Verizon
We will describe our experience of using ONAP to life cycle manage vendor supplied Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) utilizing the vendors' VNF Manager in an ETSI NFV MANO architecture. We will discuss the issues we encountered, how we solved them and future tasks.


Viswanath Kumar Skand Priya

PMTS, Verizon
Viswa is responsible for driving ONAP Strategy in Verizon, along with establishing service / slice orchestration reference architecture. He has rich experience in building routing, security and network management products for Telecom Service Providers. He is passionate about programming... Read More →
avatar for Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fellow, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, Verizon
Fernando (Fred) Oliveira is a Fellow in Verizon’s Network Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, currently working on Network Automation Architecture.Fred leads the ONAP Orchestration Scenarios/ETSI Alignment Task Force and participates in several ONAP sub-committees.Fred... Read More →

Thursday April 4, 2019 5:00pm - 5:30pm PDT
Friday, April 5

11:10am PDT

The Cloudification of the Operator's Multi-Access Edge - Aseem Parikh, Open Networking Foundation
The telco Central Office has become a fertile ground for open innovation and for good reason. The original work done by the ONF with the CORD project has been widely adopted by several tier-1 operators. In 2018 it has been refined into a multi-operator ONF reference design SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA).

More recently, other industry organizations have also started projects around specifying SDN, NFV and cloud-based Central Office architectures. BBF's CloudCO and OPNFV's vCO are two such examples.

In this talk Aseem will compare and contrast these options available to operators and system integrators, and highlight the relationships between these activities. Aseem will suggest appropriate choices depending on the operator's needs. Some key enabling technologies for each platform will be discussed such as VOLTHA and BAA, and operator interest in each will be examined. 

avatar for Aseem Parikh

Aseem Parikh

VP, Solutions and Partnerships, Open Networking Foundation
Aseem Parikh serves as Vice President of Solutions and Partnerships at ONF/ON.Lab, where he champions open source SDN projects – CORD and ONOS.He is responsible for working with network operators and cloud providers to define POCs and help move those POCs to trials to deployments.Aseem... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 11:10am - 11:40am PDT

11:50am PDT

Opendaylight TransportPCE: Full Interworking in Optical Networks - Guillaume Lambert, Orange
TransportPCE integrated the Opendaylight Fluorine release last September. It aims to build a controller for an open optical transport infrastructure based on the OpenROADM MSA that defines models for devices, network and services but also some optical specifications.
In the last decade, the evolution of optical transport networks was essentially driven by performance issues to face the traffic continuous growth. Proprietary designs and implementations in WDM equipment
have been favored over standardization, what resulted in a lack of interoperability between vendors.
This leads to an operational complexity not prone to automation in a multi-domain (access-metro-core) environment.
Several open initiatives such as OpenConfig, OpenROADM, OTDN andTIP tend to solve this problem with different approaches: for example vendor-neutral models or disaggregated hardware specifications.


Guillaume Lambert

Project Technical Leader, Orange Labs
I work in the transmission network department of Orange Labs since 2015. I am involved in the Orange SDN transformation program, more precisely on agile platforms for WDN, OTN and multi-layer technologies. I also lead the Opendaylight transportPCE incubation project, which provides... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 11:50am - 12:20pm PDT

1:50pm PDT

Panel Discussion: ONAP and OPNFV ‘Compliance’ – To Do or Not To Do? - Eric Debeau, Orange; Abdel Rabi, Vodafone; Heather Kirksey, LF; Ahmad Khalil, Tata; Fernando Oliveira, Verizon; Steven Wright, AT&T and moderated by Margaret Chiosi, Huawei
The Linux Foundation has created a Compliance Verification Committee (CVC) to create a common framework for ONAP and OPNFV (OVP) Verification Programs. ONAP verification focuses on functions (virtual or physical) fitting in the ONAP framework and OPNFV Verification focuses on virtual functions fitting in the OPNFV framework. The success and realization of these programs is driven by carrier or end user requirements. We will review the goals and values of CVC and discuss with carriers their views on value and priorities for these programs.

Some questions to answer will be around:
1. Do we need another compliance program?
2. What is the carrier business value?
3. What are the priorities for ONAP? for OPNFV?
4. What is missing for ONAP? For OPNFV?

avatar for Heather Kirksey

Heather Kirksey

VP, Community & Ecosystem Development, The Linux Foundation
Heather Kirksey works with the community to advance the adoption and implementation of open source NFV platforms. Before joining The Linux Foundation, she led strategic technology alliances for MongoDB. Earlier in her career she held various leadership positions in the telecom industry... Read More →
avatar for Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Lead MTS, AT&T
Steven Wright is a Lead Member of Technical Staff with AT&T where I convert challenges at the intersection of business, technology and law into opportunities. I am most excited when I have the opportunity to negotiate industry technology agreements that enable new ecosystems. The... Read More →
avatar for Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fernando (Fred) Oliveira

Fellow, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, Verizon
Fernando (Fred) Oliveira is a Fellow in Verizon’s Network Technology Strategy, Architecture and Planning group, currently working on Network Automation Architecture.Fred leads the ONAP Orchestration Scenarios/ETSI Alignment Task Force and participates in several ONAP sub-committees.Fred... Read More →
avatar for Eric Debeau

Eric Debeau

Head of Network Automation, Orange
Eric Debeau has a solid 20 years experience in the telecommunications area with a particular focus on IT techniques adoption in networks and OSS domains. Through his broad experience as network architect and platform development (IMS/VoIP, network API), he is recognized as a member... Read More →
avatar for Rabi Abdel

Rabi Abdel

Network Virtualization and SSDN/NFV Lead Architect, Vodafone
Rabi Abdel is a lead NFV & SDN Architect and Vodafone with a practical experience in Building, Automating, Accelerating, and Operating Vodafone Telco Clouds. He holds 5 Patents in the field and have a PhD degree in Computer Networking and Engineering from the University of Nottingham... Read More →

Ahmad Khalil

Director, Tata Communications
The head of Architecture, Technology, Systems & Innovations (ATSI) team at Tata Communications. The team’s function is to evaluate and qualify new technologies as well as develop new services across all network layers. During his tenure at Tata Communications, Ahmad submitted various... Read More →
avatar for Margaret Chiosi

Margaret Chiosi

VP of Open Source Ecosystem, Huawei
Margaret is currently a Huawei VP of Open Ecosystem in the US focused on the realization of open source. She has helped shape the SDN/NFV industry by being a founding member of the ETSI ISG NFV and Linux Foundation OPNFV including being president of OPNFV, ONF ONOS Alternate Board... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 1:50pm - 3:00pm PDT

4:10pm PDT

OPEN-AUTO, China Mobile's Strategy and Steps for Future Cloud CI/CD - Qiao Fu, China Mobile
In the future telco-cloud, how to continuously integrate and deliver cloud infrastructure constructed by components from multiple vendors is a key problem for most tier one operates, including China Mobile.

Therefore, China Mobile proposed its Strategy plan, named as “OPEN-AUTO”. Based on self-developed AUTO (Automatic TIC On-Boarding) System, OPEN-AUTO plans to inter-connect deployment and testing tools from multiple vendors, so as to build a close loop CI/CD covering components from multiple vendors. OPEN-AUTO defines unified APIs for toolsets interconnection and data sharing, so that CI/CD steps from different operators can work with each other to build up the loop. We are also planning to build a CI/CD lab so as to support integration across the country, provide testing and verification, share experience and figure out on-site problems.


Fu Qiao

Project Manager, China Mobile
Qiao Fu is a project manager at China Mobile Research Institute, working on research of network technology. Qiao Fu is responsible for the China Mobile National Experiment Network of NFV, and is also engaged in technical research of edge cloud, hardware acceleration and NFV system... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 4:10pm - 4:40pm PDT

4:50pm PDT

A Practitioner's View of 5G - Anit Lohtia, Tech Mahindra
5G technology is the next frontier in the wireless evolution journey. It promises to deliver much higher data speeds and ultra-reliable low latency communication that will enable many new applications. However, each of these 5G attributes has an associated cost. Though the 5G term many times is used a catch all term, in a practical deployment an operator has a lot flexibility to optimize deployment of the key 5G attributes to support its business requirements. For an optimal network deployment, an operator will have to do a cost benefit analysis for these enhancements. This talk is about looking under the hood of 5G promises, cost benefit analysis of key 5G enablers and how to make optimal decisions for 5G rollout for different use-cases.


Anit Lohtia

VP Advanced Technologies, Tech Mahindra
Anit Lohtia, VP Advanced Technology, is responsible for leading SDN/NFV and AI transformation initiatives for Tech Mahindra. Anit has more than 25 years of experience in wireless industry in various senior executive roles in product development, product management and business development... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 4:50pm - 5:20pm PDT