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Guillaume Lambert

Project Technical Leader
I work in the transmission network department of Orange
Labs since 2015. I am involved in the Orange SDN transformation program, more precisely on agile platforms for
WDN, OTN and multi-layer technologies. I also lead the Opendaylight transportPCE incubation project, which provides the first opensource implementation of OpenROADM specifications and was shipped for the first time within the Opendaylight Fluorine official release of September.

I joined France Telecom R&D (now Orange Labs) in 2003
after graduating the ENST Bretagne. At that time, I was
working on web technologies and Identity management web-
services. During a few years, I held a representative position
at the Liberty Alliance Project and participated to the
deployment of various single-sign-on solutions for Orange.
In 2007, I moved to the Orange Labs network department to
work on IP traffic matrices and in-house monitoring solutions
reusing opensource software, they are still used today in
Orange international IP network. I presented a part of
this work and its result at the keynote of the 5th
International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2011).