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Jennifer Yates

AVP Inventive Science
Jennifer Yates is an assistant vice president of inventive science at AT&T Labs. She heads the networking and service quality management research organization.

Her team of researchers focuses on inventing, prototyping, and driving new technologies that enable new services, enhance customer networks, drive new levels of automation, and address cross-layer issues.

Jennifer works closely with academia, internal AT&T teams, and broader industry collaborators. Her team’s cutting-edge innovations are widely deployed and used across AT&T’s global networks and the broader industry.

While studying for her doctorate in electrical and electronic engineering, Jen was a semi-professional musician.

She was honored with the AT&T Fellow Award in 2012, the Science and Technology Medal in 2006, the Victorian Photonics Network Achievement Award in 2004, and a Top Young Innovator by "MIT Technology Review" in 2003.

Jen holds over 20 patents for her groundbreaking research in networking.